Clash Of Clans War Target Assigner. Plan and Defeat the Enemy Clan. Non Commercial App.

Clash Planner can be used for organizing, planning and for assigning war targets.

Leaders can create and share the generated Code to the Members. Members can join using this code. The Leader can also add the members those who don’t have the Clash Planner App.

No need of any SignUp or Email Account.

The Leader or Co-Leaders can organize the members.

The Leader or Co-Leaders can create Wars and can assign War Targets, which can be viewed by all other members. And can also be shared.

War Target notification will be sent to all the Members when the Target has been set.

How To Use

  • Leader should create a Clan.
  • Share the generated Clan Code to all the Members in the Clan.
  • Members can join the Clan using the generated Clan Code.
  • Leader can assign Co-Leaders.
  • The Leader or Co-Leader can manually add the members without the Clash Planner App.
  • The Leader or Co-Leader can Start Wars and can assign the War Targets for each Member.
  • All Members can view the War Target Map.
  • All the Members can plan according to the War Target and can Defeat the Enemy Clan.
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